About Us

Wheeler Farms Organic Compost is an exceptional product. Cornelius Stevenson, who together with his wife Saskia Boissevain owns and manages Wheeler Farms, calls their compost "the Caviar of Organic Matter".

The result of 30 years' experience in organic composting, Wheeler Farms compost enjoys a reputation for doing wonders in the garden. Mr. Stevenson has been doing truly "green" composting since 1989, many years before "going green" became a popular goal. He describes their compost as follows:

"Our product consists of horse manure, equine bedding and carefully selected, OMRI-listed (Organic Material Review Institute) agricultural amendments. These elements are carefully composted at high heat, to become weed-seed-free organic compost, a perfect solution for the adobe-type soil prevalent in the Bay Area. A 20%-80% mixture of our compost and your native soil will provide a crumbly, nutritious growing medium for your plants, trees and vegetables.

Over the years, Wheeler Farms has expanded in response to the growing enthusiasm for their organic compost, mostly as a result of word-of-mouth testimonials from satisfied customers. These customers include local landscapers, gardeners, homeowners, universities, schools, colleges, community gardens and cooperative extension gardens. Through feedback from this network of gardeners, Cornelius Stevenson has been able to obtain frequent plant growth test results. Such ongoing direct feedback on the efficacy of Wheeler Farms Compost has enabled him to conduct experiments such as introducing different types of certified organic green feedstock at an early stage into his thermal composting process, to increase the fertility and quality of his product.

(For those interested in further background information on Wheeler Farms, see the Country Almanac article by Barbara Wood at the end of this website.)